Why Your Manufacturing Business Should Consider ERP Integration

Walter Little | Product Manager

The Hunt for Efficiency

The hunt for efficiency is an ongoing business quest, with manufacturers looking under every stone. But are you missing the biggest prize? Yes, your ERP. It’s the backbone of your business, but if you’re not pursuing ERP integration with other key systems, you’re leaving dollars scattered on the pavement for someone else to find. And many businesses are. 

ERP Integration: A Competitive Necessity

According to a Gartner report, 60% of enterprises now consider ERP integration investments strategic to their business. Modern, integrated ERPs deliver a decisive competitive advantage by enhancing business processes and the overall end-customer user experience. The report showed an integrated ERP is essential to facilitating relationships with business partners, streamlining supply chains, getting products to market faster—and for less. Your integrated ERP is truly an agile tool equipped to meet rapidly changing customer demands.

Benefits of ERP Integration

Connecting your ERP with key business systems shifts your company from having siloed systems requiring manual—and often duplicate—work, to an efficient organization with resource flexibility. You can use your talent to serve your unique business needs, rather than getting bogged down in time-consuming and repetitive system maintenance. How exactly? Well, your fully connected ecosystem will deliver:

With a broad variety of turnkey integrations, as well as ad hoc integrations unique to your business, Strategic can work with you to develop a tailored integration solution. You’ll gain the most business value from your ERP and other technology investments by targeting integrations to optimize your operations, such as with financials, shipping, banking, and QMS.

Dispelling Myths About ERP Integration

Despite its acknowledged importance, common misconceptions continue to swirl about ERP integration. These myths could very well be preventing manufacturers from implementing business-enhancing integrations, so we wanted to cover these head-on:

First in Our Blog Series on the Importance of ERP Integration

Over the next few blogs, we’ll zero in on the five categories of integration solutions Strategic offers manufacturers, focusing attention on each. We’ll detail the benefits each can bring to your organization so you can make the decision that’s right for you.

Integration Product Categories from Strategic

More in Our Integration Series

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