ERP Advisory Consulting (Health Check)

Whether you’re having system issues or are looking to identify efficiencies and optimizations, a system health check from Strategic’s ERP advisory consulting team will give you a clear—and affordable—pathway forward.

ERP Consulting from QAD Experts

Over time, the third-party integrations, new users, and expanded QAD technologies added to run your business operations have likely resulted in enough technical complexity to cause issues. And if they haven’t yet—they will. Keep your QAD ERP system in good health and peak performance — the same as you would for your own wellness. If your business is running an older or legacy system, then it’s highly likely you face disruptions and possibly even costly downtime on a regular basis.  Performing regular system health checks helps ensure that your ERP system is stable and at minimal risk.  A dependable system helps you maximize profits and reach your company’s targets.  Let the SIGSERV experts at Strategic offer critical insight in your ERP system’s health and provide the information you need to resolve issues and prevent problems down the road.

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ERP advisory consulting services can:

Strategic’s 3-in-1 ERP Health Check

Strategic’s ERP advisory consulting is unique because our approach evaluates your application environment, operating system, AND database layers. Most vendor checks only do one of these, leaving you with an incomplete view—or worse yet—bouncing between three incomplete reports from separate vendors. Who has time for that? The SIGSERV team will not only identify problems, but will create a remediation plan, one we can put into action for you.

Services include:

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