Once you’ve finished the ERP selection process, the real fun begins – implementation. With the right strategy, planning and attention to resources, the implementation team will have a smooth ride. These are a few best practices to help your implementation team succeed: Strategic Information Group Lead Nurturing Email Cycle

Get in on the ground floor — Include members of the implementation team early on in the process, in the planning phase.

Don’t let project get lost in translation — Ensure knowledge transfer from Sales to Consulting so all the valuable information shared in the sales process is available to inform the implementation team.

Designate project leadership — Project leaders need to facilitate and manage communications among stakeholders, provide technical leadership and manage the project.

Have a designated executive sponsor — Have the implementation led by a senior executive who has the authority to make changes happen and happen quickly.

Work smarter — Take advantage of online learning opportunities; if your solution provider offers free online courses, get people signed up early.